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Consulting and Outsourcing Company specialising in Business Intelligence, geographic information systems (GIS), , as well as customised solutions based on our clients’ own needs, we offer comprehensive Data Warehousing and Data Analysis solutions with the sole aim of contributing to improving and streamlining your decision-making, your strategic plans and therefore to grow your business.

Certified in different BI and ETL tools, we have staff with extensive and broad experience in the IT sector, who are highly qualified and constantly being trained, which allows us to provide our customers and partners a high quality of service and broadly guarantee the success of your project regardless of your area of business, since we have extensive experience in sectors such as Retail, Health, Education, Public Administration, Insurance, Banking, Finance, Catering, Media, Etc.

Obtaining knowledge and constant training of the staff who form part of our company has made Solindata a leader in the BI sector today.

If you are thinking about being more competitive, improving, expanding and growing your business effectively, analyse your data, call us!

Comprehensive Data Warehousing and Data Analysis Solutions


We carry out all your projects by applying the highest quality standards on the market.


Due to our experience with multiple clients, we can provide new ideas and solutions.

Added value

Given by the quality of the consultants, experience, and knowledge of the business.

Cost savings

Significant cost saving with respect to the market average, offering very competitive rates.

What do we do?

We know that comprehensive BI solutions must adapt to the needs of our customers, and provide them with the highest quality from obtaining the matrix datum, through its analysis and calculation of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), its subsequent display in the different formats that BI Software used offers us (web, mobile, email, etc.).

All of them are indispensable tools for directors, managers, and even top employees who daily influence the operation of their organisation, since the offer access and easy, quick and intuitive reading of the information, and they ensure a rapid and effective reaction to any change in their market.

Depending on the option requested by the client, the following are developed::

  • CD (Comprehensive Dashboards)
  • OD (Operational Dashboard)
  • DSS (Decision Support Systems)
  • EIS (Executive Information Systems)
  • Custom tools or SDK Developments with MicroStrategy SDK.

Can we help you?

We know that, as consultants, we accompany our clients, which is why we work with them hand in hand wherever they are, moving throughout Spain and Europe, to wherever the client requires.

Our clients

Our greatest source of satisfaction and pride is to see how, year after year, the confidence that clients place in us increase.

Our technology partners

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