Maintenance of Business Intellligence Platforms

We are frequently faced with the abandonment of BI projects within a few months of its life, mainly due to lack of maintenance, since the customer has new needs (or the business’s circumstances simply change) that are not addressed, thus slowing down decision-making and the progress of your business.

Any BI platform that is successful will enjoy good maintenance in all aspects.

Thanks to the extensive experience of our consultants and the diversity of projects in which Solindata has participated, we offer optimal maintenance of your BI projects, from small corrective to major developmental maintenance, making it possible for the new user needs to be aligned with your BI projects.

“The value of data”

Audit of existing BI projects

Our maintenance service also carries out an audit of existing projects, which allows us to detect points of improvement and their implementation, as well as new user or legal needs. Like the rest of the services we offer, it can be used on-site or remotely.

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