Consulting and Outsourcing Services

With the main goal of helping our customers to meet new challenges and their competitiveness, as required in the current environment of globalisation, transformation and digitalisation, at SOLINDATA we offer added value in each.


We direct the project from appraising requirements, managing teams, risks, budgets and monitoring development. We advise our clients following their business strategy and bring innovation with our experience in the sector.


Technical design: We design the BI database model considering the requirements and scalability of the project. Graphic design: We also design mobile applications and we design dashboards based on efficiency and usability.


Much of the success of a project is achieved with the use that is made of it, and for this it is vital that end users enjoy good training, showing them the possibilities it offers to improve their productivity.


Modern Business Intelligence tools have developed enormously, including solutions that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from any device, thus facilitating access even for people without much technological knowledge.


We have teams of expert multidisciplinary consultants certified in the MicroStrategy BI platform, which allows us to offer a specialist management support service.


Management and maintenance of the tools and applications. We cover the entire life of the project.

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We know that, as consultants, we accompany our clients, which is why we work with them hand in hand wherever they are, moving throughout Spain and Europe, to wherever the client requires.

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