Management of Business Intelligence platforms

It is important for any company to have the BI platform that best suits its needs, but it is equally important that the platform is well-managed. Good management allows you to be sure you’re making the biggest return on the investment made in the chose BI platform.

We have teams of expert multidisciplinary consultants certified in different BI platforms, among them MicroStrategy, which allows us to offer a specialised Support service covering the management, control and monitoring of your platform. This consultancy, implementation and support service is focused on guaranteeing the governability and management of the BI platform implemented, as well as its optimisation.

“The value of data”

Specialist management Support Service

You can request the management of your platform as a complement to other contracted services, pre-production steps, quality control, management of good practices, etc. service complements, in on-site or remote support, as with the rest of our services.

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