Business Intelligence Consultancy

Without a doubt, when looking for help, the best option is to approach a specialist, a person who has the knowledge and ability to advise with the greatest possible guarantees. At Solindata you will find those specialists, we are not only concerned with Business Intelligent, but we also have a highly-qualified team, which allows us to offer a unique, quality service that clearly differentiates us from our competitors.

Our goal is to provide a VALUE-ADDED SERVICE, looking for the solution that best fits your needs, a solution that allows you to grow, optimise your business model and that helps you day-to-day, without forgetting that it must be a realistic and viable solution in line with your company’s goals.

“The value of data”

Development of Business Intelligence strategies

The experience acquired, and recognised by our customers, support us to collaborate in the development of the Business Intelligence strategy that your organisation needs, accompanying you throughout the process to ensure your Business Intelligence project is a success.


We will advise you in the choice of the BI tool, in the optimisation or definition of your data model, new KPIs, the reporting model, in short, in the development of a BI system that allows you to have all the information necessary quickly to take decisions and to exploit your data.

The greatest expert in your business is you yourself, but at Solindata we can, and we want to, help you to make your data as profitable as possible.

Can we help you?

We know that, as consultants, we accompany our clients, which is why we work with them hand in hand wherever they are, moving throughout Spain and Europe, to wherever the client requires.

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