Digital transformation

The globalised world in which we find ourselves and new technologies force companies to respond to the needs of their customers, with only those companies that are capable of anticipating those needs being successful.

Digital transformation is the key to overcoming the challenge facing all organisations.

In process of transformation, data and Business Intelligence taken on a leading role, which almost forces companies to have a modern and powerful BI system that has analytics and data visualisation solutions that are effective, rapid, intuitive and customisable to their own needs, thus reducing the time for decision-making, process optimisation, and general improvement of the company.

Modern Business Intelligence tools have developed enormously, including solutions that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from any device, thus facilitating access even for people without much technological knowledge.

“The value of data”

Which tool should we choose?

For the choice of a good BI tool, we must consider mainly our business goals, and what characteristics the platform we desire must have; that will entail finding the best tool from the extensive list available on the market.

A good BI tool must, as a minimum, include:

  • An integrated solution
  • A very small learning curve, which is easy to use and visually appealing to users
  • Security and easy management, and it must have resources for user management, audits, access management, etc.
  • Broad connectivity and data intake, allowing users to work with structured and unstructured data, from different data sources.
  • Tools with metadata are more robust, they offer a centralised solution that makes it possible to search, capture, save and reuse objects, for example, dimensions, hierarchies, metrics (KPI), etc.
  • It must be able to generate visually attractive and powerful interactive Dashboards with advanced and geospatial analysis, which can be shared internally or externally.
  • Not only allow access through mobile devices, but also be able to develop by making the most of the native capacities of mobile devices, such as the camera, the location or the touch screen.
  • Publication, it must be able to publish or distribute the results of the analysis, planning and safety rules as needed.

At SOLINDATA we can, and we want to help you in the digital transformation of your company, collaborating in the scoping and implementation of the Business Intelligence system that best suits your organisation. A real, flexible and long-lasting system.

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