Design of Business Intelligence Systems

More and more companies are starting their Business Intelligence project, but not all of them become a success. No doubt some data and their quality are essential to make a BI project a success, but… what about the design?

Many companies forget the importance of a good design when defining a Business Intelligence system, we should not forget that BI aims to obtain the maximum profitability from data for decision making, decisions that will be influential in our organisation being more competitive and more attractive for our customers.

“The value of data”

Intuitive Business Intelligence Systems

Before you begin the design, it is important to know the customer’s type of organisation, its current and future needs, the types of users at whom the BI tool developed is aimed and, on the basis of the above requirements, to select the technology that best fits your organisation.

Muchas empresas se encuentran que después de implantar su sistema de BI, no tiene la aceptación o el uso esperado, bien porque no cubre las necesidades de los usuarios, o simplemente porque a los usuarios no les resulta intuitivo o visualmente atractivo.

At Solindata we assure you that we will advise you during the design process to ensure the usability and the success of your BI tool.

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